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Probate & estate administration

If you are named as the executor of a Will you will be responsible for administering the deceased’s estate. This can involve identifying and liquidating the assets, paying off debts and taxes and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

This can be quite time-consuming and there may be unfamiliar statutory requirements that must be observed. It does, however, allow you to exercise control over the administration of the estate so you can be sure the deceased’s wishes are respected.

You will require a grant of probate to gain the authority to manage the assets, and the legal responsibility that this bestows also means you may be liable for any misadministration, whether intentional or not. Our experienced lawyers are able to explain the processes, work with you to ease the burden of administration and guide you through any complexities that may arise. Administering an estate may take many months to finalise, particularly where the estate is large or complicated. Our team can help steer you through this, offer advice where there is dispute and provide guidance where there is uncertainty.

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