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Anna Perry

Anna has been with the firm for over 12 years and has managed our Probate team since 2005. She has dealt extensively with all aspects of probate – estate valuation and administration, asset and liabilities accounting, tax, disposals… and her involvement on the settlement of many large and complex estates means she has vast knowledge and experience in this area.

Anna’s clients benefit from her assured competence and in particular her ability to assimilate large amounts of information and then manage the actions and responsibilities that result. Whilst this demands strong organisational skills and discipline it is equally important for the executors to be kept engaged and informed. This is something that often needs complex issues made easy to understand - an attribute her clients find especially helpful.

Her knowledge and experience of probate is equally relevant to the drafting of wills, inheritance tax and estate planning. Anna is able to use this when advising clients - translating their objectives into a form that ensures their will is achieved whilst minimising potential tax exposure.

• Probate
• Estate planning & administration
• Will drafting
• Inheritance tax
• Powers of Attorney
• Courts of Protection

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