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Commercial debt recovery

Our commercial team can help you recover outstanding debts through our highly successful and cost-effective resolution processes.

For business owners, chasing outstanding debts is frustrating, stressful and time-consuming – not to mention its impact on cashflow and company liquidity. In many cases the very appointment of a solicitor signals an escalation that is sufficient to achieve a quick response - you simply instruct us to issue a Letter Before Action (LBA). Should this not succeed, we can issue court proceedings and seek a court judgement which is then enforced by the court. In the case of a disputed debt our experienced solicitors will prepare an honest assessment of the likelihood of success, give you a clear indication of costs and discuss the most cost-effective way to proceed and take action on your behalf. Where a debt is undisputed you can commence insolvency proceedings and recover the debt from the company’s assets.

However, as an alternative to court proceedings, settlement by mediation through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) avoids the time and cost of litigation and is becoming more common. Our lawyers have significant experience in all forms of resolution whilst our use of established protocols and processes can make recovering your debts highly cost-effective.

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