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Tenant services

If you are a tenant of a commercial property or considering taking on a commercial lease, our experienced commercial team can offer advice and legal support that will help you avoid unreasonable charges, liabilities or responsibilities that may be included in your contract. Not only can these prove costly now or in the future, but also severely restrict your flexibility to undertake certain activities, extend or assign or even terminate your lease.

HT Legal solicitors are experts in commercial property leasing and offer a very cost-effective service that could save you the frustration of complying with restrictive lease terms or the time and cost of contesting them.

Taking advice at an early stage can help you avoid problems down the line. We will go through your draft contract in fine detail and alert you to the possible consequences of any obligations or restrictions being included. In many cases these may be withdrawn or reduced, whilst contractual additions can be proposed that may enhance your future flexibility.

As well as offering pragmatic advice and legal support we can negotiate on your behalf to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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