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Divorce & civil partnership dissolution

The breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership is an emotionally stressful experience compounded by the many practical, domestic, financial and legal issues that need to be resolved before both partners can move on with their lives.

At HT Legal we know how testing and difficult this journey can be. Even where there is a degree of mutual agreement this can be fragile, which is why negotiations and communications with your partner need to be handled sensitively but firmly. Your lawyer will work with you to explain the legal processes, as well as making sure you have considered all the things you may need to take into account. We’ll help you bring order to what may seem a daunting, stressful and often confusing experience. This gives you the best chance of achieving clarity and agreement on contentious issues, reaching a consensus and so minimising the risk and stress of a protracted dissolution.

Acting as your advocate we are able to shoulder some of the burden that can make divorce or separation so stressful. We will discuss your expectations honestly and objectively, we’ll advise and support you through the process and help you deflect or reduce the risk of confrontation.

We fully appreciate the pressure you will be under and try to minimise this by assigning a personal lawyer to your case from start to finish, keeping you fully informed at all times, returning calls and enquiries quickly and responding swiftly to all third party communications.

As well as being able to support your divorce or separation proceedings, your lawyer will also be able to advise you on all associated issues including arrangements for any children, financial matters including maintenance and pensions, property adjustments and asset valuations.

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