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Financial advice on divorce & dissolution

Reaching agreement on financial arrangements and the division of assets can be one of the most challenging issues and contentious when a relationship breaks down.

We will advise you on what assets and revenues should be accounted for, how these might fairly be quantified and what a reasonable division or arrangement would be.

Our advice is tailored to you personally, but draws on our significant knowledge and experience of case law as well as court interpretations and precedents. Working with you our family law experts will help map out a detailed financial schedule in order to maximise your legitimate entitlements.

We can help negotiate for the supply of financial information, apply pressure for early and detailed disclosure and evaluate its reliability and accuracy.

Financial agreements often involve a perceived if not actual compromise by both parties in order to minimise delay and avoid conflict. Our experienced team have the tactical skills to present your case in a way that is compelling but will be seen as reasonable.

Whilst we will always strive for a negotiated agreement, our team will issue court proceedings on your behalf if no settlement has been possible.

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