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Wills & probate

Planning for death can be a sensitive issue and one that some may be uncomfortable with, possibly one of the reasons many people do not manage this part of their affairs as thoroughly as they really should.

Our wills & probate team are hugely experienced and can offer guidance and advice on how to ensure your estate is distributed as you would wish and in a tax-efficient manner. We can also advise on the technical instruments that help avoid distress and inconvenience for those managing the execution of a will at a time of emotional stress, when the interests and expectations of different parties may risk possible conflict.

Your lawyer will help ensure you consider the full extent of your estate, capturing the assets many may not have thought to include. We then listen to your wishes, and translate this into a form that constitutes a Will that can be easily executed, advising on the appointment of trustees and ensuring all legal and statutory requirements are met.

In the case of probate, where a deceased’s estate is to be administered by the executors or appointed representatives, we can guide you on the processes and responsibilities – including where a person has died without making a will. This may include support with authorisation (grant of probate), gaining access to financial assets, business interests, settlement of tax liabilities, claims on the estate, dispute resolution and distribution of assets in accordance with the Will.

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