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Wills & trusts

Whatever your age, marital status or stage in life, once you have decided to make or update your will it is important the advice you receive is both thorough and dependable. Most people have a broad plan of how their property and possessions should be distributed but have often underestimated the sheer volume of things that need to be considered. Our experienced lawyers will not just ensure your intentions are fulfilled by drafting a Will, but will ask the questions that make sure you have fully considered the extent of your estate, how it can be assessed, how it will be liquidated and taxed and how or when your beneficiaries’ inheritance is to be transferred.

In some cases you may need to create a framework for yours or your beneficiaries’ assets to be managed under a Trust. This may be for tax planning purposes or where children are involved, to protect family assets, where someone is incapacitated or even to transfer assets whilst you are still alive. Our experienced team can offer you advice on when a Trust may be appropriate and how it can be structured and implemented, whilst handling all of the technical and statutory requirements needed to put these in place.

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