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Engaging a solicitor to act on your behalf may be a one-off activity… but often it is the start of a relationship that can last for many years. This is the case whether you are looking for legal advice and support on either personal or business matters. Your solicitor becomes your advocate – acting on your behalf to protect your best interests whether this a dispute; or completing a process requiring legal compliance (a property conveyance for example), or providing qualified advice and subsequent support on a wide range of business or personal issues that may affect your present or future peace of mind.

It makes sense then to put a bit of effort into choosing the right firm and the right solicitor from the start.

From our experience with clients, we have a good idea of what most people look for when choosing a solicitor and, as you’d expect, we go out of our way to make sure we meet those needs.

Fairly high on the list, usually, is transparency on costs. Which is why we make clear from the start what you will be charged for, what external fees and charges you may have to pay and the expected costs from our firm. In many cases we’ll offer a fixed fee. It’s why we keep you continually informed of the costs you are incurring so nothing comes as a shock. We’ll also discuss with you at the start of a case what the likely costs would be for alternative solutions, so you can make a considered decision on what course to take.

Next is probably communication – keeping you informed of what’s happening. By their very nature legal processes can be technically complex and involved, short cuts don’t really exist in law, the processes may be frustrating at times, but they’re there to protect you. There are almost always third parties involved, and whilst we pride ourselves on being particularly efficient at badgering others to keep things moving, it will add time that is not in our direct control. Which is why we do the next best thing – we respond quickly to any requests you make and keep you informed with regular updates on your case. We’re proactive - we try not to leave something until you have to ask.

There was a time when solicitors may have come across as aloof or detached - some still do! You will not find this at HT Legal. We avoid using jargon and aim to explain things in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way that leaves you comfortable and in control. It’s the same whether we’re discussing legal complexities, explaining how processes work or detailing options available to you. Not only does it make for a far better client relationship, but it’s also a lot easier for clients to then make a rational and considered decision.

Ultimately of course, you will be looking for a solicitor that is going to give you the best chance of achieving the outcome you want. Our team may not wear the sharp suits, but we do have the sharp minds – hugely experienced, enthusiastic solicitors and legal executives who have the technical competence, the tactical skills and the communication dexterity that delivers results.

Of course that’s easy to say, but to help you make that choice we offer new clients a half hour consultation to discuss their case without fee and without obligation. Once you have appointed a solicitor, they will be personally involved and responsible from start to finish.

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