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Any change to the legal ownership of your property will normally constitute an equity transfer, which will usually require the consent of your current lender. This may typically occur for tax planning purposes or in the case of marriage or divorce when you want to add or remove someone from the legal register. As these transactions often involve other parties, it is important they are handled sensitively - executing your wishes whilst fully protecting your interests.

Equity release – where you may look to unlock some of the capital tied up in your property, without actually selling your home – may be a good option if you wish to raise capital, but one needing careful consideration. Our lawyers have the technical knowledge and experience to provide you with objective advice to help decide if this is the best option for you.

Whether it is a transfer or a release we can then support you through all the legal processes, which in the case of property can involve conveyances, deeds of transfer, Land Registry and various post-completion formalities. As property is so often your greatest asset, it is important this is undertaken carefully and thoroughly to fully protect your interests.

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